Classified Motorsports offers full fabrication services in house.

In today's day and age fabrication is a key ingredient in hot-Rodin / customizing your vehicle, for parts that are no longer produced, or off the shelf items that are not available for your application we have the solution. Fabricating parts for a specific application? or just getting your bolt on parts to simply bolt on: here at Classified we like the challenge of building parts and tailoring vehicles to suit the owners visions / personality lets face it we strive to be different!

Bolt on parts aren't just bolt on anymore some parts require a little bit of finesse to get them to fit, be it the parts were a more cost effective brand name or if the vehicle has been in an accident or you would like to change the way something looks. We have the ability's to make these parts fit, perform, and look good while keeping the costs appropriate.

We have the experience and skill set that gives us the ability to help you choose the correct material, methods, save you time and money by completing the task proficiently the first time.

If you are looking for help with your project, have something that needs to be fabricated / welded, or have something you would like to create Classified Motorsports INC is ready to help forge your ideas.