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Having a drag car can be expensive, needing a dedicated vehicle costing a high dollar value, trailer / truck to haul it. Over the years we have broken, repaired, engineered, broken, made changes in designs, added reinforcement & evolved our skills to make things more reliable, robust, & more serviceable. Being able to drive a street car up to the race track, be competitive at the track in street class and drive home is something we pride ourselves in.


Racing in hill-climbs, time attack, and solo races has brought us a wealth of knowledge in aerodynamics, tire compound, tire diameter / width, suspension settings, joints, bushings, and heat management to attain reliability and be competitive.

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Racing Equipment

Classified is able to provide our customers with,

  • We Fill (NOS) Nitrous on site with our Nitrous Express filling station equipped to fill your tank within 30 Min.

  • Octane Booster In Stock (Boostane Mixing Chart)

  • Race Fuel (Ignite)

  • E85 In- Stock

  • Seats, FIA approved & Non

  • Gloves

  • Helmets

  • Racing suits

  • Fire Suppressants

  • Shoes


  • Corner balancing

  • Dyno tuning

  • Suspension upgrades / custom rose joints, links and arms

  • Chassis reinforcement / Stiffening

  • Roll bars / Cages

  • Sub frame reinforcement