Tuned By Classified

Our facility is equipped with an All Wheel Drive Dynocom 5000 load baring Dyno; We are EFI university certified, Certified COBB Protuners on Nissan GTR and Subaru platforms, UpRev protuners for nissan / infinity vehicles and have logged countless of hours on the dyno with a variety of engine management systems. If your car has a factory PCM that is able to be re-flashed or an after market Stand alone engine management system, we can tune it.


- All vehicles tuned by Classified are subject to a pre-dyno inspection (unless we have assembled and or installed the engine and supporting components), this gives us the feed back we need in order to make certain and or the correct decision, the vehicle is healthy enough to increase power output. $130.00 + tax  (an engine health assessment might be required depending on age / mileage and or work preformed to the engine this is in place to assure our clients receive the best possible calibration, this includes a compression / Leak down test might be required depending on age / mileage (upon our discretion), Compression tests are charged by book time for vehicle make and model).

- All vehicles will be charged a setup and tear down Includes, strapping and unstrapping, Installation of PLEX V2 Knock Monitor, WB02, Boost, Optical RPM $65.00 + tax

- Re-Tunes Will be charged per hour pricing.

- Inability to finish tune due to mechanical or other problems will be charged at the hourly rate

- Additional fees will apply if repairs or additional modification must be done on dyno

 Notice: We reserve the right to change tuning prices accordingly with or without notice. Extremely modified N/A or forced induction applications will require an estimate based on the modification level and time expected to calibrate and set up features / functions the vehicle will need.

 Dyno Tuning Rates

Engine Break in on the Dyno $300.00 (includes set up tear down)

Dyno Power evaluation $250.00

2WD Dyno tuning: $250/hr + tax

AWD Dyno tuning: $250/hr + tax

Download our Liability waiver & Pre-Dyno Checklist


Dyno time is charged on an hourly basis, with the exception of baseline pulls or tests which are charged as outlined below. The cost for Dyno tuning varies between different platforms and the best option is to call or email the shop to inquire about costs, Our dyno is available for engine break-in as well.

At Classified we have experience with today's modern EFI systems including but not limited to:

  • Motec

  • Dimsport Re-flash

  • Emtron

  • Haltech

  • Link ECU

  • AEM Infiniti

  • Please call our facility if you are not sure we cover your vehicle year make and MODEL.

Modern day EFI calibrations have a high level of complexity. Each calibration requires time and precision to ensure optimized performance and safety across the RPM & LOAD range. Each vehicle is unique, and therefore, each calibration is created for the vehicles age, modifications, fuel quality and environment. Most of our customers cars are daily drivers, so a base map calibration with adjustments to the WOT (wide open throttle) tables is not going to be optimized for city streets where most of your driving is preformed. Our eddy brake equipped dyno ensures we can target each LOAD & RPM cell to optimize part throttle mapping, After the dyno session is completed we then test the vehicle on the street and ironing out any imperfections we can’t simulate on the Dyno.


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